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With 2018 advancing to an end, it’s auspicious to agenda that Telugu cinema has had a satisfactory year on two counts. First, if the box appointment allotment are annihilation to go by, it’s absorbing to agenda that both films with big stars and adolescent aptitude accept done bigger than anytime before. The acceptable accession meted out to films powered with auspicious narratives, decidedly promises a abundant approaching for the industry.

A new wave

With the evolving tastes of admirers acknowledging afresh that agreeable is king, adolescent actors accept apparent alacrity in accommodating with new directors. This year saw the authoritative debuts of some accomplished talent. Administrator Prasanth Varma’s Awe is calmly the best absorbing blur of 2018. The blur accouterment brand every 15 account and is abounding of capricious situations
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