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The Death Of Songs For Bollywood Dance

Saturday, September 5th, 2020 - Dance

The Death Of Songs For Bollywood Dance

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MUMBAI — Unlike deities like Lord Ram, Shiva, Krishna and alike the assorted avatars of Goddess Durga and Sai Baba, the Hindi blur songs on and about Lord Ganesh or Ganpati are mysteriously defective in quality, aesthetics as able-bodied as abiding value.

Bollywood Dancing - songs for bollywood dance

Bollywood Dancing – songs for bollywood dance | songs for bollywood dance

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Other than a “Deva Ho Deva” from “Humse Badhkar Kaun?” (1980) and “Gajanana” in “Bajirao Mastani” (2015), there has been a astringent absence of acceptable odes or situational songs in Hindi cinema. In a few films, of course, the acceptable Ganpati songs accept been acclimated in aboriginal architecture (as in “Sarkar 3”), but they are not fabricated for the blur and a bearings that is affiliated able-bodied with Lord Ganesh.

Therefore, it becomes about bounden that we accept the 6 best banal achievement abhorrent songs conceived, created and filmed in the movies. Strangely enough, it is absolutely hasty that admirers or annoyed fanatics accept never revolted adjoin about all of them!

“Ganpati Bappa Morya” (“Judwaa 2” / 2017)

Effortlessly the affliction and best absurdly abhorrent of the Ganpati numbers, so we skip agenda and acknowledgment it first. The blaring alarm “Ganpati Bappa Morya” that is a Marathi abracadabra to the Lord is fabricated to beat with the bawdy band “Pareshaan Karen Mujhe Chhoriya (The girls are afflictive me)” which refers to under-clad inferior artistes assuming their navels and break in evocative dresses and gestures!

It’s appalling that a brilliant of the ability of Varun Dhawan and his administrator ancestor David Dhawan let this happen. Interestingly, and afterwards implying anything, Varun has never had a hit afterwards this 2017 film!

“Murti Ganesh Ki” (“Takkar” / 1980)

Here again, a beneath abhorrent but actual situational beat went “Murti Ganesh Ki / Andar Daulat Desh Ki” (This is an idol of Lord Ganesh with the nation’s abundance central it)!” The abyss had of advance hidden banned central the idol! This song was filmed on Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra in this acknowledged potboiler, and was a characterless agreement too.

“Sadda Dil Vi Tu” (“ABCD—Any Body Can Dance” / 2013)

This song went the accomplished hog—Hard Kaur in hardcore (pun intended, of course!) Punjabi overdrive, and lyrics (Mayur Puri) to bout for a ball antagonism complete with the dancers accomplishing acrobatics and gymnastics! Needless to add, the absonant vocals and choir and the agitated address to the Elephant God for achievement clicked big with the youth. But at what price? Do added faiths acquiesce such boldness back invoking all-powerful forces?

“Hey Ganaraya” (“ABCD 2” / 2015)

Naturally, the aftereffect to the blur aloft had to accept a song to match. Though the song was a adumbration beneath offensive, acknowledgment to Divya Kumar’s aesthetic vocals, it was analogously filmed and assuredly became one added also-ran cardinal that did not absolutely accomplish the accepted grade.

“Om Ganapataye

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