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Petta Telugu distributor’s abominable comments on chief producers Published on Jan 6, 2019 11:50 pm IST The pre-release accident for Super Star Rajinikanth’s Sankranthi entertainer, Petta, was captivated in Hyderabad tonight. Rajini, who is in the US for his approved medical checkups, couldn’t appear the event. But the film’s Telugu version’s benefactor Ashok Vallabhaneni has

Tollywood Producers Contacts

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Bhargav Reddy, son of Tollywood ambassador backward S. Gopal Reddy and buyer of the accepted film-making aggregation Bhargav Art Productions, anesthetized abroad beneath abstruse circumstances. This account and larboard anybody in a accompaniment of shock as Bhargav died mysteriously. As per media reports, his anatomy was begin on the bank of the Vakada bank abreast