Daily: February 2, 2018

Tollywood Heros Marriage Photos

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Review: Debutant Lakshman Karya’s ‘Happy Wedding’ has its affection in the appropriate place. There are no accepted Tollywood tropes of misogyny, ism, ‘special numbers’, huge fights, songs and ball sequences in alien locales et al. A sweet, astute and simple adventure of two individuals absent to accomplish their accord assignment is not article one sees

Secrets Of A Bollywood Marriage

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By IANS NEW DELHI: Flick through a adventure of baffled desires, of adulation and its loss, of accident and award oneself, and of falling and acquirements to rise; apprehend the adventure of a man whose asleep wife’s letters appear to him admitting addition woman; apprehend a adventure about an abiding marriage, area the twenty-year-old bride-to-be