Drugs Case – Close associate to Kajal been arrested


Day by day drugs case is getting deeper and putting lot of stress on Telugu industry and many big names are opening up.

The turn of the manager of Kajal has come now. He is Mr Roni, associated with popular actress Kajal as her manager.

Roni is managing all the dates of Kajal agarwal from a long time and is now arrested as thy found packets of ganja at his house. However, the police suspect that he consumes and also supplies the drugs within the Film industry.

Police officials have come to this conclusion after finding the evidence that he is linked with drug peddlers.

Roni is one of the very famous celebrity manager in Telugu industry and has been associated with several celebrities but more said as Kajal’s manager.

A post was also found that kajal praised Roni in social media that he made the things very easy for her.


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